Pasithea Limestone h 215 cm Cyprus 2014

Pasithea, H 215 cm, limestone, Cyprus

Pasithea, as wife of Hypnos,the god of sleep and dreams, may have been regarded as a goddess of hallucinations and hallucinogenic drugs. Her name is difficult to translate-the prefix pasis can be translated equally as `all`, `possessed` or `acquired` and the suffix thea as `sight`, `seeing`, `contemplation`, `goddess` or `divine`. Translating it as `Acquired-Sight` may suggest a goddess of hallucination, however in the story of the Iliad, where Hypnos acquires her from Hera in exchange for certain favours, the `Acquired-Goddess` is a perfectly apt name. The name pasithea was also given to some unidentified `magical` plant, perhaps even an hallucinogenic. Hypnos himself was often associated with poppies and opiates