Genti Tavanxhiu

Genti Tavanxhiu was born in 1973 in Shkodra (Albania). He established his personal sculpture atelier in Italy since 1993. He is Founder of MSE-ARTE (Monumental Sculpture in Europe, Art Event organization) He is the AIESM (International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events) manager in Albania and agent in Italy as well as an ISSA (International Sculpture Symposium Alliance) member in Tongling, China. For the past two decades has been part of important national and international exhibitions, being awarded several prizes. Tavanxhiu organized, coordinated and directed ten International Sculpture Symposiums in Korça (Albania), one in Elbasan (Albania) and three symposiums in travertine, in Spinetoli (Italy), and for the first time on the story of Albania the organized the Architecture Symposium ,the project is endorsed by the Albanian Government, the Ministry of Culture of Albania . On 2018 he was part of team that presented “The Albania Pavilion” at The International Architecture Biennale of Venice (Italy). His monumental sculptures are present in many public places and private collections in USA, Albania, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, France, Romania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Israel, Luxembourg and Tawain.
Personal  Art Exhibition:

2019 - Personal Art Exhibition. Gallery301 Kobe (Japan)
2017 - Art Exhbition , Palazzina Azzurra ;San Bendetto del Tronto (AP) (Italy)
2015 - Personal Sculpture Exhibition , Stone City – Bergamo (Italy)
2015  -  Sculpture Exhibition at Marmomacc – Fiera di Verona (Italy)
2011 - Templaria Festival, Sculpture exhibition, Castignano (Italy)
2008 - Sculpture exhibition in “Puglia Marmi” showroom, Pagliare del Tronto (AP) (Italy)
2007 - Sculpture exhibition at “Iris” Art Gallery, Shkodra (Albania)
2005 -  Art exhibition, Antrodoco (Italy)
2003 - Sculpture exhibition in “Palazzina Azzurra”, San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy)
2001 - Sculpture exhibition in «Sala degli Archi», Montefiore Conca (RN) (Italy)

Prizes :

2017 - 8th Sculpture Symposium Tehran, (Iran)  - 1° Prizes
2016 - ARTE INSIEME Concorso  BIM San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy) - 1st Prize
2014 - Pietraia dei Poeti, S. Benedetto del Tronto (Italy) - 1st Prize 
2011 - 8th Biennale de Sculpture de Quistreham, Normandie (France) - Le Buria d’Argeot categorie moyennes sculpture 
2008 - Olympics Landscape Sculpture Design Contest, Beijing (China) - Excellent medal 
2005 - 7th Stone Sculpture Symposium, Morges (Switzerland) - Special jury prize 
2002 - V Premio Internazionale D’Arte ”Ermano Casoli” dedicata a Sacro e Profano, Serra San Quirico (Italy) - Special prize for the particular fantasy e creation 
2001 - 1st International Symposium of Sculpture, Castelraimondo (Italy) 2nd Prize 
2000 - 2nd International Sculpture Competition “La Giovane Scultura”, Montefiore Conca, (RN) (Italy) - 1st Prize 
1999 - 1st International Sculpture Competition, Castelraimondo (Italy) – 2nd Prize

Sculpture Symposium :

2019 - Art  Festival , Riad (South Arabia)
2018 - Stone Carving Sculpture Symposium in Takasago (Japan)
- International Sculpture Symposium, Adana (Turkey)
- Struga Art Meeting. (Macedonia)
- 9° International Sculpture Symposium “Skulptura e Parkut”, Korça (Albania) Artistic Curator, organizer and coordinator Symposium 
2017 -  International Sculpture Symposium, Chiayi (Tawain )
- Gare Art Festival, (Luxembourg)
- 8° International Sculpture Symposium,Tehran (Iran)
- 1° International Sculpture Symposium in Marble, Pafos (Cyprus) 
- 1°International Architecture/Sculpture Symposium   "Modeling the Idea - Pavilion Days", Korca (Albania),  Artistic Curator and organizator Symposium
2016 -  International Sculpture Symposium Besiktas, Istanbul (Turkey)
- 1° International Sculpture Symposium in Marble, Saranda (Albania)
- International Sculpture Symposium, Julienne (France) 
- Ostraka Arts, Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt)
- International Sculpture Symposium, Hurgada (Egypt)
2015 - The 25st annual “Stone in the Galilee” (Israel) 
2014 - International Competition in Stone, Pingtan (China)
- 2nd Ayia Napa Sculpture Symposium, (Cyprus) 
2013 - Intenational Sculpture Symposium, Karsiyaka (Turkey) 
- International Sculpture Symposium, Kartal (Turkey) 
2012 -1st International Pergamon Stone Sculpture Symposium, Bergama (Turkey)
- 2nd China Tongling Internatinal Copper Art Exhibition, Anhui (China) 
- 3rd Ostraka Sculpture Symposium, Cairo (Egypt) 
2011 - 2° International Sculpture Symposium in Travertine, Spinetoli (Italy) Artistic Curator, organizator and coordinator 
- 6th carving Art Festival, Hui’an (China)
- Crossborder Sculpture Symposium Albania-Montenegro, Ulcinj (Montenegro)
- International Sculpture Symposium, Aswan (Egypt) 
- Nicosia International Sculpture Symposium, (Cyprus)
2010 - 1st International Sculpture Symposium, Elbasan (Albania) - Artistic Curator, organizator and coordinator
- “Holy Week“ – 1st International Sculpture Symposium, Wax – Monchique (Portugal)
2008 - Emaar International Art Symposium, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
- 2nd International Sculpture Symposium, Akdeniz University, Antalya (Turkey) 
-  Sculpture Symposium “Scogliera Viva”, Caorle (Ve), Italy
2005 - 7th Stone Sculpture Symposium, Morges (Switzerland)
- 10th Stone Sculpture Symposium, Montbrison (France)
2003 - International Sculpture Symposium - Museo d'Arte sul Mare ,San Benedetto del Tronto  (Italy)
-  International Sculpture Symposium Novelda (Spain)

Genti Tavanxhiu was born in 1973 in Shkodra (Albania). He established his personal sculpture atelier in Italy since 1993.