About the Artist

Genti Tavanxhiu , education in various countries has shaped his artistic work as a hybrid genre. The first art education in Albania and later in Italy begins in the decade of the 80s and 90s.  Educating in different countries has formed my artistic performance as a hybrid genre.

About his creation he said : – Working with the solid materials -Such as stone and marble- has been a desire for every passionate artist. had discovered this dreamland in Italy. It’s obvious that realizing any idea in solid material requires long experience. So my artistic position needed to travel through unknown countries and cultures.

artist at work

As always, my philosophy of work is begun by balanced aesthetic solution. Avoiding being trivial, obvious or usual, I wanted to introduce my style, an abstract language with minimalist tendencies, sometimes using symbols and lines with immediate impact. The force engaged in their relations with the wider plans has built the characteristics of my work.

 I m Working continually to have a  expression’s form that is  every time changing. Persist in the fact that a further idea does not depend on the medium, but by the power that you have in your own ideas, based on the experience accumulated over time, diluted in the vastness of the art disciplines who exercise during the drafting of his own creativity

Arising from all this amount of energy emitted, emerges gradually formed a style. I mine, it has the appearance of an expressive abstraction, an indirect language that cell behind a search, sometimes themed, and … makes from scratch with a new story. The elements that make my expression certainly have an international impact.

The way I do and directed to all cultures because my roots, my studies are based on the human psyche. Technologies, information on social, the Internet network have linked us between us much faster than in previous time and for this reason we are called to a global opening with a language understandable to all.