Albanian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2017

Albanian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2017

The Ministry of Culture announces that the project that will represent Albania in the 16th Edition of the International Architecture Exhibition at Venice Biennale 2018 is “Space zero”, developed by Commonsense, Studio / PRGBR Architect FABLAB, Tirana.

This project was selected through an open call for proposals (2 August – 3 November 2017), by the Ministry of Culture in the role of Albania’s pavilion commissioner, following three phases of the selective process, by an international jury composed of: Mr. Gëzim Qëndro, Mr. Bekim Ramku, Simon Battisti, Ms. Adelina Greca and Ms. Arta Dollani.

Jury members concluded that this is the best project and the most convincing team for the successful realization of the Albanian Pavilion at the Biennale, which meets the criteria set out in the open call.

The jury was inspired by the teams proposed linkage between Venice and Tirana to bring a piece of the urban setting of Tirana to Venice, a piece Tirana is losing in the process of urban expansion/ reconstruction. Commonsense.Studio/PRGBR Architektur FABLAB Tirana PRGBR Architektur is an independent practice based in Tirana/Albania since 2005 operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism & research. It concerns itself with developing strong concepts and design decisions informed deeply by mining the context and reflecting on how contemporary life evolves. Actively involved in designing of public spaces, housing and civic buildings, PRGB R Architektur is led by young enthusiasts and senior experienced collaborators aiming to implementing their vision in local developments and competitions.

The team

Team Leader_ Dorian Tytymçe – Architect

Other members of the team

Jurtin Hajro, Architect

Florian Pollo, Architect

Enri Leka, Model Maker/Architect in the making

Egin Zeka, Urban planner

Elton Koritari, Exhibitions curator

Genti Tavanxhiu, Artist / sculptor

Jonid Koritari, Audio Artist

Artemis Hajdini, Video Artist

Laedia Hajdari, Snenographer Artist

Mirjana Pali, Cultural Mediator

Eni Molla, Content Manager

Anisa Hysko, PR Financing Coordinator


The Team that has been carefully put together has a strong common denominator in it’s critical approach to designing, one that searches for stimuli not only in the visual world, but also drawing inspiration from the social fabric, humanity, history and the local culture as a whole. The process aimed at freeing itself of all social, political or architectural complexes and just viewing the daily exchange between people and architecture in all it’s cultural layers as vibrant energy shaping a rich social life in contemporary Tirana.