Albanian artist Genti Tavanxhiu won the first prize at Tehran


Albanian artist Genti Tavanxhiu  finish first at 8th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium

The works created at the 8th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium (ended May 14) will remain at Milad Tower in Tehran until June 21 for public viewing. Among the travertine works is a 280 cm tall piece ‘Fragile’ by the first-prize winner of the 8th edition, Albanian artist Genti Tavanxhiu.


Fragile is an abstract form in design. With its superimposed oval discs one above the other, in balance that, based on my personal artistic searches, it is capable of transmitting a code of aesthetics and perfect harmony. The Sculpture, despite its volume of stone, appears light thanks to the hole in the lower section. The central axis as usually happens in my works , does not meet the rigid structure of the monolith, but it is decentralized thus increasing its dynamism and diagonal tension. In this way I try to remove my artistic production from the now obsolete static sculpture and inadequate to fulfill the educational role in today’s society – said Tavanxhiu .

Genti Tavanxhiu

He is a member of the International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events and of the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance. During the past two decades, he has been active at important international exhibitions, and awarded several prizes. He organized eight  international sculpture symposiums in Korça ,Albania and three symposiums in travertine in Spinetoli, Italy. His sculptures are present at many public places and private collections in the US, Albania, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, France, Romania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Turkey, UAE, China, Japan, Taiwan , Egypt,Luxembourg, Taiwan , Iran, and Syria.