1° International Architecture Symposium Korça , Albania 15-22 July 2017 .



modeling the idea series

International Architecture and Sculpture Symposium will be held at Korça ,  Albania  10 – 22 July 2017  .

Pavilion Days in Korca 2017 is the first Architectural Symposium in Albania, bringing together for the first time on the story of Albania the architects and sculptors for a unique artistic product.

Curators :  Genti Tavanxhiu + Jurtin Hajro ( commonsense.studio )


 5 Sculptor Select : Kei Nakamura ,Takeshi Kubo,  Jina LeeJiang ChuShu-wei Chang4 Architect Invite Dorian Tytymce , Martin Sobota , Francesca Benedetto ,  Arman Akdogan

Korça  Municipality, Major Mr Sotiraq Filo in colloboration with Curators Jurtin Hajro (Architect)  Genti Tavanxhiu (Artist – Sculptor) and Advisor  Blerina Mali are organizing the 1° Architecture Symposium Korça (Albania)For the first time on the story of Albania the Architecture Symposium will be held on Korça from 15-22 July 2017.The event is supported by the Municipality of Korca, Ministry of Culture, and, Dutch Embassie in Albania.Architecture and Sculpture as two spatial disciplines which artistically create their own formal language, are sometime crafted parallelly or even superimposed over one another. While the boundary between the two oscillates, perhaps unconsciously, on the visual perception of the contemporary, these two forgiving arts cannot be clearly defined quite easily.
Although internationally these two disciplines do confront each other, where through the modeling idea, hardly can be distinguished from one another, in Albania, we might observe a possible context which invites for discussion and exploration of the relationship between architecture and sculpture: Korça, a city of experience.
After many years of cultivating and promoting sculpture as public art, and after many initiatives of regenerating public spaces via architecture, Korça makes an appropriate place, where this interdisciplinary dialogue can be situated and materialized.This dialogue is set on a common ground, for communicating, for creating: Pavilion Days in Korça through Modeling the Idea.
A certain activity, which might be repeated, can become an extremely important value and attraction point to a city and cultural center such as Korça, where the relationship of building is experienced as an important part of the urban aesthetics.

The symposium aims the creation of sculpture and architecture artifacts. In one of the public areas of the city there will be installed 5 sculptures and 4 light structures – Pavilions. Throughout this confrontation it is conveyed the sensibility which find roots at the urban aesthetics values in Korça. Beyond the realization of the artifacts, the event aims to create discussion spaces among architects, sculptors academics and students opened for public participation.

4 Architects will decide on their relation, to create their own works communicating with the sculpture at the assigned lot in the Park of the city. Each architect will receive the sketch idea of from one sculptor. The Pavilion design is expected to take root on the kind of relation with the sculpture.

Public spaces in Korça, preferably undesigned/unplanned parks, which make up the infantile setting for the authors’ assignment, and also profit from their revitalizing interventions.

The idea is to establish a certain dialogue between the two artifacts and to confront the two disciplines in their relation to the public.

This symposium helps the city of Korça in building a new and contemporary tradition, on the continuation of sculpture symposiums.Korça can become a pioneer not only in Albania, but also in the region, in:- Promotion of architectural and contemporary art values, serving the citizens;
– Experimentation on the artistically and architectonic composition, on design and construction technics;
The symposium aims the erection of art and architecture pieces, which come out of the urban aesthetical communication of values in Korça.These works will be inspired by the confrontation of various disciplines, and by the Korça context where the architects will work on.
The works should aim:- An artistical expression that ignites discussions and awakens the inspiration of the public;- Revitalization of selected public spaces in the city, by inviting the citizens to complete them, with their visit and use;
– To alter an undefined space, in a place dedicated to a distinct character. This character is free to be defined/ set by the artist and the architect, who will transmit their concrete message;
– The pavilion situated in the city park, must create a spatial dialogue by building a relation with the public, the visitor, or the user.During the 7 days of the symposium, the following activities will be developed in parallel to the project ideas:
– Public lectures: The architects and sculptors will hold a public lecture, at the end of every day, where they can present their design ideas for the pavilion and their previous works, or a theme of interest related to the symposium, which can ignite a public debate.- Workshops: With the aim of learning from the professionals’ experience, and the further research and documentation on the theme set by the symposium, the architecture students will work not only on the works related to the pavilion, but also on the production of a booklet that briefly shows:o the description of the work and the impact of the symposium in the city; o an advanced research on the city of Korça, its public spaces, and the effects of such projects on them.
July 2017 – ‘Pavilion Days in Korça’The activity will take place in a 10-day schedule. During these days evert architects will have the support of 2 architecture students, and a technical staff, made available by the construction companies. At every end of the day, in a space where public participation is made possible, an architect and a sculptor will be part of a platform to generate discussions on themes and topics in relation to relevant activities and the everyday life of the city.